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The building baby's brain. The role of music

Building the baby's brain: the role of MusicDiane bales, a Professor of Ph.D.Assistant and specialist in human development, Department of development and the family of child document using:-researchers believe Trainingactually music creates new pathways in the brain "."The music has a strong influence on our feelings. Parents know that a cradle song quiet, without any problems to soothe a fussy baby. And a majestic choir we can burst with enthusiasm. But the music can also influence the way of that thinking.Developed over the years we have learned a lot about the brain. Children are born with billions of brain cells. During the first years of life than the connections of neurons to other neurons. During the time of the connections that we use on a regular basis. It grows to develop strong listening Verbindungen. Einige relating to the children's music, music of this music really influencing art, which we believe in access routes. Listen to classical music can enhance our spatial reasoning of the same, at least for a short time. And playing an instrument to influence specific thinking skills can be even longer. does music make us smarter?Not necessarily. Music seems Prime brain for certain types of deposit. After listening to classical music, adults, some of these spatial data faster, as a puzzle is Zusammenstellung. Warum Sprechfunk? Classical form in our brain are in the same way that we use for spatial reasoning. If you hear classical music, which is used is the space activated and ready to install form.This manual facilitates the work quickly like a jigsaw puzzle. But the effect is a very short time. Our geographic capacity improved disappear more than an hour after they stopped to listen to music.However, it has a tool to learn that they can most affect the physical reasoning, of duration. Improve several children of Etudes for the piano six months were his ability to work the puzzle and solve other tasks, as 30 Prozent. For what sprechfunk? It is a tool to make a difference to play? Scientists believe that education creates new pathways in the cerebro.¿Por what classical music?The people of song called classical composers such as Bach, Beethoven and Mozart mayoría-obras are different from the music, such as the rock and the country. Classical music has a complex musical structure. You can focus on children under the age of 3 months, structure, and also identify selection of classical music, which had been heard before.The researchers believe that the complexity of classical music is what prepares the brain spatial problems faster to solve. You can have different effects in the brain that others listen to listen to classical types of music.T, this means that other types of music for good. Listen to any kind of music to create music related pathways in the brain. And the music can positively in our States of mind which can facilitate learning. What can be done?Parents and caregivers of children can keep love of the children of early music in childhood. Here are some ideas: * play music for your baby. Expose your child in different musical styles with different options. If you play an instrument, it is when the baby close to practice. But the moderate volume. Loud music can damage hearing a baby. * Sing to your baby. No matter how well sings for you! He heard his voice will help your child begin to learn languages. Children love the patterns and rhythms of the songs. Children can discover some melodies, even those Wo, it heard. * Sing with your child. Children grow up, enjoy singing with you. And the brain learn faster and have defined music words help really, therefore, must bear in mind that the texts of the songs he sang as a child, although we haven t heard this year. * At an early stage to start classes in music. If you want to learn your child an instrument, you have to wait Don t begins classes in primary schools. Development of young children have the brains learn music. Enjoy the four - and five years of age to make music and you can learn the basic concepts of certain instruments. And soon he began to teach the children help to build a lifelong love of music. Encourage your child's school, to teach music. Canto, it helps to stimulate the brain, at least temporarily. On music education, time of capacity-building, as coordination and creativity as part of the school. Music and an asset to help your child to learn.

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Music therapy healthy mind and body.

Music therapy helps to solve problems, emotional, physical, social, and cognitive. This type of Theraoy also coached stress, promote the general welfare, help the expression of feelings, reduction or elimination of pain, improves memory, promotes the restoration of physical problems or diseases and to improve communication. 1.? can music therapy?Music therapy by a music therapist. A therapist of music at the beginning makes an assessment of the customers in the General physical and emotional well-being. Music therapist also offers a look to the clients of social cognitive skills, and communication. After these revisions are designing the sessions of the music therapist individual song to the client. Sessions can also be music of group therapy. Music therapy options include listening to music, write songs, lyrics, music and discuss learning through music. 2 update support an integrated approach to music therapy has been shown to help children and adults of all ages. Music therapy helps people with developmental disorders and learning disabilities is to overcome the barriers to learning. It helps people with Alzheimer's disease and other conditions associated with age to recover memory. In addition, abuse of drugs may have or have suffered brain damage is covered by the treatment of the music. People with acute or chronic, pain including birth mothers, can music therapy to relieve pain. 3. Hospitals are using TherapyMusic music is therapy, sometimes of hospitals, to improve the mood of their patients or used to combat depression. Change the use of music in physical therapy helps patients or patients who have to be sedated or the need to rest, promote. Music therapy is used in hospitals to reduce muscle tension and patients relax. use with schools of music TherapySchools can be successful music therapy for children. Music therapy, students in special education with planning sometimes in individualized education or IEP students. Music therapy is sometimes used for these children to improve their communication or physical coordination skills to help you be more successful for them in the general education classes to strengthen. 5 Music Soothes the savage astIn, the concept of music therapy has its roots in antiquity, but actually gained attention after World War I and World War II. At the moment, community of musicians visited hospitals for veterans and played for veterans, had been caused by the war, had suffered physical and emotional trauma. Patients in hospitals showed a significant improvement of the music. Therefore, doctors and nurses, musician, requested hospitals. 6 eats to be recruited. Benefits of the TherapyThe music is so good that many insurance companies cover as a form of medical treatment recognized the benefits of music therapy. Medicare and Medicaid, also included, at the same time prescribed by a doctor and the patient reveals in music therapy. 7. musical inclination RequiredYou need not too musically skilled benefit from this treatment. Some people believe that only one type of music for use in music therapy may be useful. It is also a mistake. In fact, help all types of music with a client. What type of music used in the default setting for the clients, as well as the individual circumstances and the aim of treatment.? Furthermore, to determine what type of music in music therapy. 8 used clients are the overall goals of the therapy. Reducing stress StressThe reduction of emotionally healthy people also can be an advantage. Drums and listening to music can facilitate relaxation. Music can also stimulate the exercise, when you do a routine.

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The music and the brain.

It is easy to determine that the music is an effect of the senses. It affects the body and the brain in various Weise. We gave some scientific studies over the past years to discover the link between music and intelligence. Although it seems quite obvious that the music has an influence neurons listen to certain forms of music, particularly classical Western intelligence and Indians, science, as always, it was looking for evidence of this phenomenon.Scientists believe that certain types of music really create new neural paths in the brain. This means that the brain in another store memory can only work. After listening to classical music, adults, some of these spatial data faster, as a puzzle is Zusammenstellung. Warum Sprechfunk? Classical form in our brain are in the same way that we use for spatial reasoning. If we can listen to music classic, is enabled spatial form and use.University of California at Irvine, 36 people were standardized tests of intelligence for three blocks of 10 minutes of Mozart. On average 119 eight scored who heard Mozart Sonata for two pianos (K448) are superior to those who heard the band in a relaxing and nine points higher than it is a silence. Mozart's music is very complex and neurobiologist Frances says a lot with standard H Rauscher, author of conducting the study. Rauscher, complex music said "can prepare the brain in mathematics or other analytical work" because the same brain activity. "We can make predictions as a music without complexity or are recurrent, rather than abstract reasoning, increases," said the nature of the journal of research. (UPI, Deseret News October 14 1993 of any document of vol. 365 of nature study dated 14 October 1993).For more information about Mozart, it is available here.Call to classical music, more people the works of composers such as Bach, Beethoven and Mozart are different from other types of music, because it is a complex musical structure. The researchers believe that the complexity of classical music is what prepares the brain spatial problems faster to solve. You can have different effects in the brain that others listen to listen to classical types of music.It is possible to remember how classical music seems to be dull, boring, or possibly a headache. Especially as people I can't stand listening to Bach-es very little for them. Why is this happening? The first reason could be that they are not used to hearing it. Therefore no identification with him as such. Second, perhaps because the mind must be very attentive and fast music sounds, notes, complexity of the musical architecture - and if you listen to if you are required to follow a conflict, a type of resistance. Third, because an accustomed to is likely, music as something independent, outside it to manage. According to Steven Gillman, researchers in the brain, creating a sound and new neural tissue in the brain, creativity, encourage participation in music. Studies have shown that music really trained the brain for higher forms of thought. Music stimulates the mind, stimulates creativity and establish a Fund for learning that leads to greater intelligence and aptitude. Whitrow GJ quoted Einstein: "often said me that one of the most important things in life was music." When he felt that it came at the end of the road or in a difficult situation in their work, it would take refuge typically would and all their difficulties in music. "Einstein also thinks of his theory of relativity that says:" I had the intuition and the music was the proponent of this intuition. My discovery was the rest of the musical perception. "In recent years, the music in the development of the role of the child was discussed very surrounded." It's an article on the role of music in the development of Kindes. Entsprechend dish: "..." researchers are now "the music is more powerful than any other training..." who knows. So you think that music, formed the brain for higher forms of thought. After eight months of musical education puzzle experts from 3 years champion, scored 80% higher than its capacity of spatial intelligence playmates to show the correct world. This skill translates into mathematics/conceptual and technical skills. for the children of the school, who studied piano 34% better performance in spatial and temporal reasoning ability to use the equipment for the school children to learn the same amount of time. (Rauscher and Shaw). (Such as neurological research, February 1997) the best engineers and designers in the industry of Silicon Valley, almost without exception, practicing musicians. (Grant Worshipful, Centre of the Arts in basic Curricum, New York, 1989) Defects of birth of classical music, played at a rate of 60 beats per minute is a human heart's resting place, creating an environment conducive to intellectual and creative development. Dr. Thomas Veert (the secret life of the fetus)Listen to classical music in particular, can help to increase listening and increase intelligence.